Q U I C K S H I P W W W . H O O K F A S T . C O M 7 QS-Medals QS-ME12289 QS-ME10220 The latest addition to the Quick Ship line of products — Quick Ship Medals. These handsome medals provide a cost-effective alternative to custom produced commemorative medals. Each of the four styles can be combined with your custom engraving and your choice of center seals from our Quick Ship program. < Models QS-12682 and QS-12683 feature our unique new medal attachment — medals always lay flat and resist spinning or turning while being presented or worn. QS-ME12682 QS-ME12683 Medals Shipped in just 10 Business Days!* From the Quick Ship® Medal Honor Roll choose: Any medal; any suitable Quick Ship emblem from pages 6 or 9; gold, rhodium, or two tone finish; red, navy, or striped ribbon *Allow 15 business days for two tone finishes Please remember to use Quick Ship (QS) product numbers when ordering. All items are shown actual size. Add A Commendation Bar Make your medal presentation complete by adding any one of our stock commendation bars to your Quick Ship Medal order. When combined with a QS Medal, stock commendation bars are discounted by 20%. Choose from any one of ten configurations and any of our standard colors. See page 44 for commendation bar designs and color samples. Medals come with a 1" ribbon — available in red, navy, or red-white-blue stripe — and are packaged in a deluxe, blue velour presentation box.