Q U I C K S H I P W W W . H O O K F A S T . C O M 11 All Quick Ship Tie Clasps have a durable alligator clasp QS-Tie Clasps Axe Tie Clasps Select any emblem from the Quick Ship program and add a tie clasp to create a practical and memorable gift. The clasps are available in three lengths which should be appropriate for any uniform or suit. TC-826 is 2" wide TC-860 is 2 �/��" wide TC-861 is 2 �/�" wide Order 24 hours a day at www.hookfast.com, or print & complete a Quick Ship order form from our website and mail it, or fax it to 401.781.5533, or send it as an email attachment to customerservice @hookfast.com Please remember to use Quick Ship (QS) product numbers when ordering. TC-826 with QS-3550 TC-826 is 2" wide TC-860 is 2�/��" wide TC-861 is 2�/�" wide TC-860 with QS-2451 TC-826 with QS-10275 TC-860 with QS-5157 TC-860 with QS-3261 TC-860 with state seal TC-826 with QS-3569 TC-860 with QS-2762 QS-TC2350 QS-TC2350 rhodium with QS-4380 QS-TC2350 gold with QS-2787 TC-861 with full color state seal All items are shown actual size. QS-TC2380 QS-TC2380 rhodium with QS-2787 QS-TC2380 gold with QS-4380