On this page: B-203 B-2914 B-2915 B-4128 B-5111 B-5213 B-6512 B-7316 B-7316A B-7319A B-7756 B-8719AH B-121913 Available center seals shown on pages 30, 31, and 34. 13 B A D G E S All items are shown actual size. W W W . H O O K F A S T . C O M B-121913 Center seal is in die B-203 B-2915 B-2914 also available ��/��” x �/�” B-5213 B-4128 also available 1�/�” x 1�/�” B-7316 *B-7316A shown with two-tone finish *B-7319A *B-8719AH B-6512 B-5111 B-7756 * Applied Panel badges These specially- constructed badges consist of a standard frame and raised, applied panels in a variety of configurations, giving each badge increased contrast and detail.