The Hook-Fast Difference 1 Quick Ship 2-11 Badges 12-22 Transportation Badges 23 Stock Badges 24-25 Name Bars 26-27 Featherweight I.D. 28 Engraveable Emblem Name Bars 29 Badge & Name Bar Seals 30 Fire Chain of Command Seals 31 CoC Insignia & Cap Badges 32-33 State Seals 34 Custom Cap Badges 35 Badge Cases 36-37 Challenge Coins 38 Maltese Crosses & Service Awards 39 Collar Ornaments 40 Collar Ornament Inserts & Emblems 41 Identification Emblems 42 Law Enforcement Insignia 43 Commendation Bars 44 Rank Insignia 45 Status Insignia 46 Tie Clasps 46 Medical Emblems & Seals 48-49 International Friendship Pins 50 Belt Buckles 51 Crystal & Glass Commeratives 52 Wood Commeratives 53 Lucite Embedments 54 Jewelry & Accessories 55 Airline Wings 56 Bicycle Badges 57 Medals and Medallions 58 Finishes 59 Attachments 60 Stock Emblems 61 Table of Contents HOOK-FAST SPECIALTIES, INC. was made a success by a young mechanical engineer named Manuel Gorriaran. Emerging from MIT in 1920 at the age of twenty, Mr. Gorriaran set out on a trip around the world to further educate himself and learn the finer points of international trade. The photo above is one of our favorites, taken in Bangkok during his journey. In 1926, he settled in Havana, Cuba, energetic and determined. It was that year that he became affiliated with Hook-Fast. At that time, Hook-Fast was a newly established company founded on Herbert Hoffman's invention of a new style of belt buckle called the Hook-Fast Can't Slip Buckle. Each buckle was decorated with emblems illustrating people's hobby, trade or affiliation. In 1929, Manuel moved to the United States and purchased Hook-Fast. Before long, customers began to request other items. Hook- Fast responded and expanded the business to include badges, nameplates, awards, emblems, and other accessories. Mr. Gorriaran’s focus was the development of precision methodologies for each new product as it was added. Excellent customer service, attention to detail, and expert craftsmanship became the hallmarks of Hook-Fast. As the Second World War came and went, Hook-Fast continued to grow. A move was made in 1959 to our current headquarters in Providence, Rhode Island to accommodate the rapidly expanding product lines. By the early 1960s, over 5000 distinct products were being offered and Hook-Fast was shipping to corporate, military, and government institutions all over North America. Manuel’s enduring leadership of Hook-Fast ended with his retire- ment in 1988. Thus began a new era of modernization for Hook- Fast’s loyal cadre of workers under the direction of Daniel Gorriaran, Manuel’s grandson. New materials were researched and sampled, and many of our manufacturing processes were computerized to assure consistent quality. In every area possible, we have brought state-of-the-art technology into production to complement the work of our experienced artisans and craftsmen, creating an ideal balance between innovation and an old-fashioned personal touch. The professional integrity and strong record of reliability that were the mainstays of Hook-Fast in 1926 are still the driving forces behind our success today. Manuel’s picture still watches over us in the main office, and we’d like to think that if he were here today, he would be proud of our efforts. Our mission is to combine innovation and technology with traditional craftsmanship to produce the means for recognition and identifica- tion. We are committed to creating the best value for our dedicated public servants, uniformed personnel, and all those who deserve to be acknowledged for their hard work and achievement. the H ook-F ast S tory