Q U I C K S H I P W W W . H O O K F A S T . C O M 9 QS-997 QS-4393 QS-4394 QS-5097 QS-5277 QS-5276 QS-5157 QS-5420 Medical Emblems Law Enforcement Emblems Fire Emblems QS-10036 QS-2050 Chain of Command Emblem: Raised horns available plain or with red enamel background (please specify) QS-2097 QS-3261 QS-3569 QS-4936 QS-10275 QS-10700 QS-10002 QS-6788 QS-8435 QS-12282 QS-2787 QS-4380 QS-4774 QS-3112 State Seals: All 50 states available plain and full color. See page 32 for all full-color styles. Plain Full Color QS-Name Bar Emblems Add any emblem to any name bar shown. All emblems are also available as lapel pins. How Quick Ship Works: Any QS name bar, any QS emblem, and plating Order 24 hours a day at www.hookfast.com, or print & complete a Quick Ship order form from our website and mail it, or fax it to 401.781.5533, or send it as an email attachment to customerservice @hookfast.com Please remember to use Quick Ship (QS) product numbers when ordering. QS-4993 QS-4998 QS-4995 QS-5008 QS-5009 QS-5019 QS-3413M QS-4413M Flags QS-8446 QS-8477 Buses: Available only in colors as shown Available with all 50 state seals All items are shown actual size. These emblems are also available as tie clasps. See page 11 for more information.