27 27 N A M E B A R S All items are shown actual size. W W W . H O O K F A S T . C O M Custom A variety of options are available to create a one-of-a-kind look for your organization. Bars can be custom engraved and emblems can be created from your orga- nization logo. Subject to additional charges, call customer service for more information. Options Unless otherwise specified, block letter- ing, polished finish, and clutch posts are standard. Letter Styles: Back Attachments: Finishes: Magnetic attachment Safety catch (no extra charge) Clutch posts ¹/₄” (no extra charge) Screw post Silk-screened logo Silk-screened logo Silk-screened logo Engraved logo NP-200 RN-10739 • LPN-10738 NP 1002P NPB-200 NP-HR200 NP 1002B NP-HR300 NPF-200 NP-300 with 4156 300 series Dimensions 2¹/₄" x ¹/₂" 200 series Dimensions 2¹/₄" x ³/₈" 100 series “RN” or “LPN”