Q U I C K S H I P 4 0 1 . 7 8 1 . 4 4 6 6 / 8 6 6 . 3 4 6 . 3 2 7 8 MADE IN THE U.S.A. 6 QS-Badge Inserts QS-3413 QS-4413 QS-4319F QS-4318F QS-2542 QS-3270 QS-3139 QS-4317F QS-4316F QS-4320F QS-4315F QS-5433 QS-2341 Alabama full color State Seals: All 50 states are available in either full color or blue border (please specify). See all 50 state seals in full color on page 30 Law Enforcement Chain of Command: Available with or without red enamel background. Fire and Medical Alabama blue border Alaska full color Alaska blue border QS-9332 QS-5574 QS-3324 QS-3599 QS-3407 QS-3433 QS-9964 QS-5290 QS-3322 QS-3272 QS-3271 QS-3405 QS-5550 From the Quick Ship® Badge Honor Roll choose: Any badge from pages 2-5, any insert from this page, and either gold, rhodium, or two tone finish Inserts are available only as shown here. Finish will be chosen to match badge. Please remember to use Quick Ship (QS) product numbers when ordering.